2023 Holiday Boxes

Unwrap Jewish Traditions with our Engaging Holiday Boxes!


April 2023

Perhaps you’ve read the Passover story with your children and struggled to explain how this
beautiful holiday connects to their life today. It can be easy to feel lost in the rituals and
symbolism of this tradition, but when you understand its significance, your family will see direct connections to Jesus!

As a messianic Jew, Passover was one of my favorite celebrations. My sisters and I had the
privilege of growing up with the rich history and traditions of our Jewish roots and the life-
changing grace of Jesus, the Messiah. This gave us an understanding of the Old and New
Testament which so many in our Christian faith long for. That’s why I wanted to create
resources for parents today.

Links to Messiah offers a single Passover box or a holiday box subscription that includes four
boxes a year.

Boxes are designed for children ages 4-11.

Boxes will be mailed end of March/early April.


September 2023

Person holding an etrog

Sukkot is known as the festival of booths commemorating the forty-year period when the children of Israel wandered in the desert and lived in temporary shelters, or booths. Traditionally, Jews build a sukkah (booth) outdoors and eat a meal inside of it. Sukkot celebrates the harvest and celebrates God’s protection for the children of Israel when the left Egypt.


This box contains hands-on activities and crafts for your children to gain an understanding of God’s goodness and the ancient traditions rooted in Christianity’s beginnings. We will provide instructions for your family if you desire to build your own sukkah in your backyard.

Boxes mailed during the third week of September.


December 2023

Hanukkah picture

This box will contain different activities from the 2022 box. It will be a fresh, new learning adventure for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah is a super fun holiday. Hanukkah is an eight-day festival commemorating the rededication of the Temple by the Maccabees. Hanukkah is mentioned one time in the New Testament. Check out John 10:22.

This is the perfect box to learn all about the Hanukkah traditions.

Boxes will be mailed in early December 2023.

Tu Bishvat

February 2024

Picture of a path going through a forest of tall trees.

Tu Bishvat is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the new year for the trees. It falls on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat. The holiday has been around since Biblical times and is mentioned in the Mishna, an important Jewish text. The meaning of Tu Bishvat is to celebrate the growth of trees and to give thanks for the gifts of nature. 

Families typically celebrate Tu Bishvat by eating a special meal that includes the seven species mentioned in the Bible. This includes dates, figs, olives, wheat, barley, grapes, and pomegranates. On Tu Bishvat, many Jews also plant trees and take part in environmental activities to give thanks to nature. Other activities include decorating the home with nature-themed decorations, singing songs, and making crafts. Families can also host Tu Bishvat themed parties or get-togethers with friends and family.

Did you see the Passover boxes are coming? How exciting!!!! I'm so excited to dig deeper. Your subscription box could not have arrived at a more perfect time in my walk with Yeshua.

I loved what was in the box. There were so many sweet goodies. How awesome to have a messianic box. What a brilliant concept.