Hanukkah 2023

Get ready to embark on an educational adventure that will enrich your Hanukkah celebration. Whether you’re a seasoned observer or new to the holiday, our Hanukkah Box is a perfect way to engage with the festival on a deeper level and create lasting memories of learning and celebration. Includes activities that will last all 8 nights of Hanukkah.



DIY Menorah Kit: Illuminate the Festival of Lights! Are you ready to infuse your Hanukkah celebrations with creativity and tradition? Our DIY Menorah Kit is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and spirituality. Craft your very own menorah, piece by piece, and watch it come to life as the candles are lit each night. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a crafting novice, this kit provides an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all ages. Join the centuries-old tradition of kindling the Hanukkah lights with a menorah that reflects your unique style and devotion.

Hanukkah Themed Family Book: Where Tradition Meets Imagination! Experience the joy of Hanukkah like never before with our enchanting family-themed Hanukkah book! Gather your loved ones, cuddle up, and dive into a world of wonder, where tales of miracles and tradition come to life. As the pages turn, you’ll be transported to a magical world filled with adventures, lessons, and heartwarming moments. Ignite the imaginations of your children and create cherished memories as you explore the beautiful stories of Hanukkah together. This year, make Hanukkah not just a festival of lights, but a festival of family bonding and storytelling.

Dreidel Game with Chocolate Gelt: Spin, Win, and Savor! It’s time to add a sweet twist to your Hanukkah festivities with our Dreidel Game paired with delectable chocolate gelt! Gather your friends and family around as you spin the dreidel for gelt-covered excitement. The chocolate gelt, wrapped in shimmering foil, adds an extra layer of fun and flavor to this age-old tradition. From the joyful spinning to the delightful chocolate rewards, every moment will be filled with laughter and deliciousness. Bring the excitement of the dreidel game to your Hanukkah table today!

Fun Worksheets: Unleash the Power of Learning! Learning becomes an adventure with our fun worksheets! Whether you’re a parent looking to engage your child’s curiosity or an educator seeking innovative teaching resources, our worksheets are your key to unlocking knowledge in an enjoyable way. From colorful math puzzles to creative writing prompts, our worksheets are designed to entertain while educating. Explore a world of fascinating facts, spark creativity, and encourage critical thinking—all while having a blast! Say goodbye to boring lessons and hello to the joy of learning. Dive into a world of fun and knowledge today.

Latkes and Doughnuts Recipes: A Delicious Tradition Awaits! Spice up your Hanukkah celebrations with the mouthwatering aromas of homemade latkes and doughnuts! Our specially curated box includes timeless recipes that have been passed down through generations, ready to make your holiday unforgettable. Gather your family in the kitchen and embark on a culinary journey as you create these delectable treats together. The sizzle of frying, the scent of spices, and the joy of tasting your own creations will fill your home with warmth and happiness. Embrace tradition with a modern twist—order our recipe box now and savor the taste of Hanukkah!

6 Hanukkah Games “On the Go”: Memory game, Tic-tac-toe, Checkers, Hanukkah Bingo, Hanukkah Chutes and Ladders and Four in a Row. It’s easily portable with a convenient carry-handle, this is the perfect play-along game set. Kids and adults will share the fun of Hanukkah together, wherever you are!