Passover 2024

Through our Passover box, your children will come alive and engage in their faith like never
before, building a strong foundation for years to come!

The Passover 2024 box includes:

  • Zoe Discovers Passover at Easter book by Rene Annette Wallace,1 per box.
  • Color Your Own Afikomen Bag, 1 for each child.
  • Passover Bingo OR Passover Quest Game, 1 per family
  • DIY Seder Plates OR 10 Plagues Finger Puppets, 1 for each child.
  • Passover Decoder Puzzle, 1 for each child
  • Sticker Sheets for each child, 1 for each child
  • Curated Playlist
  • Recipes for your own Passover Seder Meal


Zoe Discovers Passover at Easter - Book Cover

Each box contains one copy of Rene Annette Wallace’s book called Zoe Discovers Passover at Easter.
Your faith will be strengthened by showing your children how Passover points to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.



Each child will decorate their own afikomen bag. The afikomen represents the Passover lamb. When your child wraps the afikomen in their bag, it is a demonstration and reminder that Jesus’ body was wrapped in a cloth and laid in a tomb.



Every box contains one family game. Each game is carefully curated and purposeful to bring meaning and continued learning as you laugh and have fun together as a family.



Your box will contain either a DIY Seder Plate for each child or 10 Finger Puppets per child. Both of these items continue to drive home the meaning of the Exodus story and how God saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.



Stickers! What kid doesn’t love stickers? Every sticker has meaning – whether it’s an item from the Seder plate, one of the four cups consumed during the seder meal or one of the ten plagues, your children will continue learning as they have fun with their stickers!

We’ve created a Passover Decoder Puzzle exclusive to our 2024 Passover box. This puzzle drives home the new vocabulary your child will learn as they explore the Passover box.




This year, we are including two recipes: Matzo Ball Soup and Charoset. Charoset is the sweet apple and honey mixture eaten at the seder meal to remind us of the mortar that our ancestors used as they were building bricks for pharaoh. It tastes delicious and your children will be requesting it for years to come.

Curated Passover playlist for the entire family to enjoy. We’ve put together a hand selected Passover playlist with Jewish songs that will get your children dancing. Use our QR code to get the Spotify playlist going. This is the perfect background music to play while you’re engaged in the crafts or cooking the recipes. Many kids have requested the playlist in the car or at nighttime while falling asleep.