Discover Links to Jesus
Through Jewish Tradition

Two kids reading a book from a Links to Messiah Box.
Kids with a Box from Links To Messiah
Kids using stickers from a Links to Messiah Box.


Links to Messiah has created fun and educational boxes that arrive on your doorstep. So many parents are unsure of what to teach their kids when it comes to the Old Testament. They don’t have time to research and then teach. 

Links to Messiah boxes are pre-planned lessons so parents can teach and learn together. Parents can easily engage their children because the box is filled with activities that will hold their attention and connect with the material in a meaningful way.

Links to Messiah boxes are an all-inclusive way to teach children in a manner that makes sense for them. As a teacher and mother, I know the importance of teaching for a variety of different learning styles, whether it’s hearing, tasting, or feeling, this box contains it all. Each box includes recipes, games, hands-on activities, and a curated playlist.

How It Works

Choose your plan – Yearly or Monthly Subscription. 

All plans include 4 boxes a year that coordinate with Jewish holidays and free shipping in the 48 contiguous United States.

Best Value – Yearly Subscription : Pay the year in full and save over 25%. Subscription renews every 12 months. 

Most popular – Monthly Subscription : Gives you the flexibility to pay over the year!  Subscription continues until cancelled.

Boxes are filled with activities, lessons, songs, and traditional Hebrew prayers. Each box is created to be an experience for your entire family.

I love the parent letter as the first thing people see so they know where to start by having a guide. I like all of the different activities and visuals to appeal to each kind of learner. This is wonderful!!

I love the mission behind Links to Messiah. The more I read the Old Testament, I see how the story of Israel points to Jesus. Touching, tasting and playing are all the ways my kids get to know the Gospel in the Feasts God gave his chosen people.