Hanukkah Tales: Lights, Miracles, and Heroes!

a Child celebrating Hanukkah and lighting a menorah

Hey there, amazing moms and curious kids! Ever wondered about Hanukkah? It’s this awesome festival full of lights, joy, and a super cool story. Even Jesus celebrated it – how neat is that?

In the Bible, in John 10:22, it talks about Jesus being in Jerusalem during Hanukkah. He was there celebrating in a temple that had a fascinating history. See, a long time ago, around 167 BC, there was a guy named Mattathias. He got really upset because the king’s officers wanted everyone to pray to different gods and do things that went against their beliefs.

When one person agreed to do what the officers asked, Mattathias stopped it. He was super brave and strong! Then he and his sons fought against these rulers who wanted to change their ways. They stood up for what they believed and wanted to keep their special temple all nice and pure.

This time was called the Maccabean Revolt. Mattathias had this son, Judah, who was really famous for his courage. He was so brave that he got the nickname “Judah the Maccabee” which means “the Hammer” in Hebrew and how cool is that? They fought hard and finally got their temple back. Hanukkah is a festival that celebrates the temple being restored and the freedom they won. When they celebrated the rededication of the temple the priests lit oil lamps and the oil was only enough to burn for one day, but it lasted eight days. It was a miracle. That is why the Jewish people celebrate eight days of rededication, or as others call it, the Festival of Lights – Hanukkah!

The Maccabees’ story was a big deal. It helped people understand how important it is to stay true to their beliefs and not give in to things that aren’t right. It taught everyone about bravery and staying strong no matter what. Hanukkah reminds us that God wants us to stay dedicated to the truth about Jesus, His Son, our Messiah.

It’s like a bright celebration of hope and courage, reminding us to stand strong for what’s right. Just like a bright, shining candle, let’s hold on to what’s good and true. That’s what Hanukkah is all about and we can celebrate Jesus during this season; the true light of the world, and His oil never runs out!