Increasing Numbers of Christians Celebrating Hanukkah For The First Time

family sitting together celebrating Hanukkah and lighting the menorah

The season of Hanukkah is approaching, and for millions of Christians, this ancient Jewish holiday is increasingly becoming a part of their winter celebrations. While Hanukkah may be a relatively new addition to the holiday calendar for many Christians, its significance is not to be overlooked. Hanukkah offers a unique opportunity to find spiritual depth and connection within a Christian context.

If you’re thinking about making this your first Hanukkah, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to remember the history of God’s people while also applying meaningful principles and practices to your faith. While none of the following ideas or traditions are required, here are some fun ways to make the most of your first Hanukkah celebration.

hanukkah activity bundle for families wit children

1. Light a Menorah

Lighting a Menorah is a beautiful Hanukkah tradition. Each night, add a new candle to your Menorah to remember the faithfulness of God and the Light of the World.

2. Say Prayers of Dedication

The nightly lighting of the Menorah is a great time to pause and say a prayer for an area of your life where you want to focus on dedication or rededication to God.

3. Do Bible Studies

Gather your friends and family around, read the Bible, and discuss how its words can impact your life, faith, and community.

4. Read the History of the Maccabees

Explore the story of the Maccabean Revolt, an intensely tragic yet inspiring narrative. The Festival of Lights, also known as Hanukkah, originated from this historic event.

5. Have a Hanukkah Feast

Set aside time for a special dinner with family and friends, enjoying traditional Hanukkah foods like doughnuts and potato latkes.

6. Play Dreidel

Engage in the fun and playful tradition of playing Dreidel.

7. Give Hanukkah Gifts

While not obligatory, you can exchange thoughtful gifts to make the celebration even more special.

8. Decorate Your Home for Hanukkah

Fill your home with lights, candles, and decorations to celebrate the “Festival of Lights.”

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate it, Hanukkah has a rich history and can be a great family tradition. It’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on the Light of the World and to spend time with your friends, family, church, and other loved ones. Don’t stress over the details. Just experience it. Your Messiah did.

Let’s celebrate Hanukkah with purpose and joy, following in the footsteps of the Messiah who celebrated this beautiful festival. Download our free Hanukkah Activity Bundle, filled with 4 fun activities for the whole family‚Ķand better yet order your Hanukkah Holiday box filled with 8 days of activities that make this holiday come alive and deepen your love and understanding of Jesus our Messiah.